Tibbs and Simmons Farm
Animal Veterinary Surgeons
9 Chancellors Pound
Redhill, Bristol
BS40 5TZ
01934 862808 (24hrs)

Our Services

  • 24 hour service with direct line to on-duty vet out-of –hours.


  • Seven experienced and dedicated farm vets.


  • Cattle routine fertility work carried out using modern portable ultrasound scanners, designed specifically for farm animal use


  • Regular practice meetings and training courses.


  • Armed with laptop computers with software for modern farm management, including nutritional advice.


  • Herd Health Planning including health scheme compliance.


  • Interherd dairy management computer system.


  • Dairy Co Mastitis Health Planner available 


  • All vets fully equipped to carry out every procedure on farm.


  • Bull & Ram Fertility testing service


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